Smoke Detector with Built-in Communication Module

Press Contact:smoke detector

Karen Johnson
Communications Director
Smoke Alarm Monitoring
One Commercial Avenue
Suite 200
Garden City, New York 11530
1(888) Smoke-99/ 1-800-766-5399

Company Contact:

Jack Mara
Vice President
Smoke Alarm Monitoring
One Commercial Avenue
Suite 200
Garden City, New York 11530
1(888) Smoke-99/ 1-800-766-5399

SAM the Only Smoke Detector that Calls for Help!
Smoke Alarm Monitoring introduces SAM a fully monitored smoke detector with built-in communications module

Garden City, New York—Smoke Alarm Monitoring has introduced the first smoke detector to call for help, at the moment smoke is detected. SAM detectors contain a built-in SIMs card, (works like a cell phone), that connects with our nationwide 24-hour central station. “Our revolutionary fire safety equipment provides monitored smoke alarms available to everyone without an alarm panel. This allows any homeowner to equip their home or apartment with monitoring. Plus, most homeowners insurance policies will offer discounts for having a monitored system. SAM has the look and feel of a traditional detector but that is where the similarity ends. SAM works independently without the need for an alarm panel to communicate with our 24-hour central station,” explains Jack Mara, Vice President, Smoke Alarm Monitoring.

SAM developed by Ken Mara, owner of American Security Technologies, has been in the security and fire alarm industry since 1979. “With available cellular technology it made sense to design a detector to call for help directly, bypassing the need for an alarm panel,” states Mara. Before SAM consumers had two options: Purchase an off the shelf smoke detector that had no alerting capability or spend thousands on installing a hardwired system.

“We believe we are going to be very popular with pet owners. They are surprised to see us at pet shows until we explain they are in the most danger. Pets are trapped in burning homes with no way out or a way to call for help,” Mara explains. The detectors have made their debut at pet and new technology shows receiving an overwhelming response. “When consumers first look at SAM they think it’s just another smoke detector, but when they realize SAM calls for help, they are astounded,” adds Jack Mara.

Each detector is registered to its owner for minimal response time. This allows SAM’s central station operators to know all about each registered owner’s home, pets and circumstances, should an alarm event take place. SAM detectors are $49.95 each, monthly monitoring is $19.99 a month. For additional detectors, monitoring is an additional $5 a month more per monitor. Pet owners find comfort knowing pets are kept safe when owners are not home.

Key features include: Easy set-up with mounting instructions included, no hard wiring required, 24-hour live central station monitoring, real-time text and email notifications, false alarm prevention, wireless cellular technology, long life battery included, UL listed, patent no. 8,610,587 and is eligible for homeowners insurance discount.

Smoke Alarm Monitoring, developed by American Security Technologies is a full-service smoke and fire monitoring and technology company, located in Garden City, New York.
If you have any questions or want more information, please contact:

Teri George, Director of Business Development at 855-566-9111




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